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Martinelli: No Minimum Wage Increase for Professionals

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Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli has dismissed a request for a general wage increase for the professional sector, because in his opinion, a general wage increase would lead to inflation. However, those who labor at unskilled jobs could see a minimum wage increase of up to 15% due to an increase in the cost of living of 10 and 12%.

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Martinelli Dismisses General Wage Increase for 2012

President Ricardo Martinelli dismissed the workers’ request is made a general wage increase for the professional sector, because in the opinion of the president, a general wage increase will increase inflation.

“A great cause inflation adjustment,” Martinelli said the question of whether the application of the labor sector would be reviewed today in Cabinet, in defining the minimum wage figures. Martinelli reiterated that the issue will be implemented today and “will be in harmony with reality and good for everyone.”

Even spoke of the increase could be greater than 15%, since the cost of living rose between 10 and 12%.

It shall be the Secretary of Labor, Alma Cortez, submit to the Cabinet Executive’s proposal to be approved. The decision will be made after the negotiating table, which met for six months, failed to agree.

On proposals submitted by workers and employers $ 540 $ 445, Martinelli said that “now we must find a middle ground between the two.”

With the approach of the president, reacted Rafael Chavarria, National Council of Organized Workers (CONATO). Chavarria regretted that the president has no regard for the sector that bears the burden of inflation. He noted that since 1981, the professional sector does not receive a general increase in social justice and that deserves a review as they do elsewhere.

Chavarria accused the president “to be judge and jury on the issue” of wages that prevents you from making a decision that benefits the people. The leaders hoped that the president approve the proposed $ 540 monthly working, is authorized to control prices of basic food and establish a general wage increase.

The leader warned of protests and lobbying on the streets of some of the groups to demand that the government aware of the needs of the population.

“The labor movement will join and make a statement barely known executive decision,” he said.

With the experience of the last two minimum wage reviews through a negotiating table, Chavarria proposes to make an amendment to the Wages Act to avoid wasting time on a table that does not work.

Genaro Lopez, secretary general of the National Confederation of Independent Unions (CONUSI), joined Chavarria statements.

Lopez said the government has proven over the years of management “through lobbying is that things are accomplished.” He said that will form a coalition of forces to demand that meet the needs of the Panamanians through higher wages.

Business Position
The Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture of Panama made a statement in which he reiterated his position that the executive decision must be fair, equated to productivity and based on technical studies to avoid undesirable effects on the economy as close of small businesses.

The group emphasized that the two regions must keep wages and demand that the figure is based on recommendations set and technical aspects offered.

Severo Sousa, National Council of Private Enterprise (CONEP), recommended immediately install a permanent commission to analyze the country’s real development in labor to avoid fruitless tables. It found that the number of workers “clearly is not consonant with reality.”

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