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National Geographic Selects Panama as Top Tourist Destination

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Panama’s ability to offer a variety of tourism destinations in one country has earned it prestigious recognition from National Geographic magazine as one of the best places in the world to visit in 2012.

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National Geographic selected Panama as a Top Tourist Destination by 2012

With 2012 just around the corner, Panama continues to garner recognition in the tourism industry and the press, who highlight the advantages and virtues possessed by the country as an international destination. Recently, users of the popular community TripAdvisor traveler online have distinguished as one of the top ten destinations for food and wine and the prestigious National Geographic magazine has been recommended as one of the best places in the world to visit next year. As few, Panama is a destination that covers requirements of various types of tourism.

Combining modern architecture and powerful with well-preserved colonial areas, the City of Panama is a captivating capital of contrasts. Spectacular casinos and discos, restaurants, bars, hotels for every taste and budget, and assorted large department stores are some of the attributes that make Panama City a place that attracts tourists looking for comfort, entertainment, culture, shopping or simply pleasure.

But if the closure plan for this year is to enjoy the scenery, the country offers sublime places like Bocas del Toro Archipelago, nine islands with white sand and deep turquoise sea that have extensive marine diversity ideal for diving, Chiriqui, a province with spectacular beaches, rivers for rafting or kayaking and mountain trekking or climbing to, or the Valley, a fertile, volcanic landscape just two hours from Panama City with a special microclimate and exotic flora and fauna . Today seems to be the time to visit these sites.

The Panama Tourism Authority is offering packages “Bocas Combo” Escape to the Valley “and” Chiriqui has everything “that allow tourists access to promotional rates. For those looking to get in 2012 enjoying a quiet, almost uninhabited in a tropical paradise, San Blas or Kuna Yala is a choice of weight. This region includes an autonomous indigenous archipelago of 353 islands, of which only 51 are inhabited, and five miles of coast largely covered area of rainforest at its best.

The corals that surround San Blas are also a tempting attraction. Unlike what happens in other parts of the world, these corals still preserve the original marine fauna. This region is the Kuna people, which has remained apart from the rest of Panama. Only in recent years have begun to receive national and international tourism. If the interest is to find pre-Hispanic cultures, as well as the Kuna people in Panama there are other regions such as Embera, Ngobe Bugle, they also retain many of the traditions and customs they had before the arrival of the conquistadors. Panama also can be a paradise for shoppers.

The Colon Free Zone is a tax-free shopping area where companies operate more than 2435.Here you can find the best prices on computer products, electronics, watches and other gadgets.Columbus was complemented by several commercial centers Albrook Mall, Los Pueblos, and Multiplaza Pacific Multicenter, which not only home to internationally renowned shops but also have a wide choice of cinemas, casinos and cuisine. However, there is an attraction Panama that attracts millions of people every year.

The privileged geographical location of Panama has defined its destiny and determined the construction of the Panama Canal, a monumental feat of engineering since 1914 connects the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean. Whatever the reason for the decision to visit Panama can now enjoy even more peace of mind that is covered for any emergency. Is that the Panamanian authorities are offering all visitors health insurance free of charge. As recommended advisor and National Geographic, Panama is an essential destination when planning your next vacation.

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