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New Convention Center for Panama

Article Summary:

A new convention center on the seafront in Panama City, with a $140 million price tag, will start construction this year. The center is located at the Amador Causeway, and features an amphitheater, conference rooms and dinning.

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Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Amphitheater Lands Worth $ 156.6 million

The new convention center will be built on four parcels in Amador Causeway with a total value of $ 156.6 million.
Yesterday Reverted Property Management Unit (UABR), transferred to the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) 13 hectares will be built the new arena.

The plot P-AMO3-06A on which to build the structure of 15 thousand square meters internal display has a value of $ 56 million. The other three plots correspond to parking spaces, and built, which were also transferred at no cost to the ATP.

Completed the transfer of land, the next step is the publication of the statement of objections PanamáCompra portal.
Solomon Shamah, administrator of the ATP, said the document will be published in the next nine days, although there are still details to be defined, as the size of the kitchen that will be used to supply the events held in the amphitheater.

He said the tender for the work must be done in the first quarter of the year and construction should be complete in February 2014, four months before the end of the period of the current administration. The structure will have 15 thousand meters for internal display and approximately 8000 meters for outdoor exhibitions.

It will also feature a theater with a capacity of 500 thousand people, conference rooms and a work place where restaurants are open to the public.

It is projected that the cost of the work will be about $ 140 million, of which $ 25 million already included in the budget for this year’s ATP.

Although not mentioned in the statement of objections, the Government will also promote the construction of at least two hotels at the perimeter of the convention center in Amador. Shamah said in the first half of the tender should also be done to sell Atlapa. For the sale, the authorities expect to receive between $ 80 million and $ 90 million.

But before selling Atlapa, the Government must accept the verdict of the First Hall Civil Court of the Supreme Court, which ordered the payment of $ 24 million to the family Berrocal for the expropriation in 1975 of the land on which stood Atlapa.

In addition to the convention center, the government also plans to build a cruise ship port in Amador. Although it was thought to combine both projects into a single act, in the end the port will be executed by the Panama Maritime Authority, which still looks at the technical specifications must be the work.

Congresses and conventions
1.500 Theater seats will be built at the new convention center, less than 300 thousand Anayansi.
$ 2 Million will be invested this year to revamp Atlapa while building the new arena.

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