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Panama Adds New Permanent Resident Alien Immigration Status

Article Summary:

Panama is offering a new immigration subcategory to foreigners currently living in the country. Approved this May, the new permanent resident alien status is available to residents of specific countries which have friendly, professional, economic, and investment relations with Panama.

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Original Article Text From Prensa via Google Translate :

Create New Subcategory of Resident Abroad

A new subcategory immigration for foreigners living in the country approved by the Ministry of Public Security, according to Executive Decree 343 of 16 May last, published yesterday in the Official Gazette 27,038.

This is the “permanent resident alien status, specific countries that have friendly relations, professional, economic and investment relations with Panama.”

To apply this subcategory foreigners from 22 countries whose residence in Panama seeks the exercise of economic or professional activities.

The requirements to be submitted emphasizes the delivery of documents certifying the business or professional conduct, and bank solvency.

Applicants may include in the application for dependents, between these to your spouse, children under 18, families with special needs and their parents.

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