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Panama Pacific Beaches Top Choice for Visitors

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Panama beach hotel owners say 2012 is their season, especially in the Pacific, which so far this year have shown high occupancy rates.

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Entrepreneurs Are Betting On Beach Tourism In 2012

Tourist segment, which focuses on the beaches is what is seen as one of the most projection for this 2012.

Companies engaged in the hotel detail that this season hotels, especially in the Pacific, almost all rooms have full, so important to boom.

Inside the country there are various offers like Buenaventura, Breezes, Playa Blanca and Decameron Royalton Luxury.

For Sara Pardo, president of the Panamanian Association of Hotels (Apatel), along with tourism convention, the sun and sand is one of the major inputs for industry.

For this reason, Brown estimated that this year the number of people who come to Panama for various purposes will be greater, calculated that joined some 2 million 200 thousand tourists.

Pardo pointed out that what distinguishes domestic market other beach is offering the same now “are in fashion”, being a destination for tourists again.
According to figures from the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), in 2011 arrived in Panama 2 million tourists, many attracted by the beaches in Panama.

The whole visitors made it a thousand foreign exchange earnings $ 915 million, registering an additional $ 236 million, compared to 2010, representing an increase of 14.3%.

Meanwhile, Maru Galvez, executive director of the Hotel Playa Blanca, located in the province of Cocle, said the growth in hotel rooms for leads “has almost doubled in the last three years.”

Galvez said that among the reasons why this increase has been recorded both in his hotel in the area are other important factors such as having beautiful beaches just one hour and 15 minutes from the city, with white sand and a tropical climate throughout the year.

The airport will also influence the future so that the numbers continue to rise, since it will help clients to destinations in northern Europe and can fly direct to the area and being just five minutes from the hotels, he said.

The manager estimated that hotel occupancy in Playa Blanca is for this season by 90%. Which-assured, 70% market share in the hotels is international demand, while the local market takes up the other 30%.

According to Galvez, the most important international markets are Canada, Colombia, United States and Ecuador.

The beach hotels are supplied local labor, and in the case of Playa Blanca (White Beach Resort, Town Center and Suites by Playa Blanca Hotel & Resort Royalton), partners with those who have come mostly from Anton and Penonomé.

As for challenges, Galvez said that for this coming 2012 and the first concern will be to train and recruit experienced labor to fill the positions that will open.

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