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Panama Begins $440 Million Wind Farm, Largest in Central America

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In July, Panama began building its first wind farm, valued at US $440 million, which will generate 5 percent of the total energy of the country. A project which promoters say is the biggest in Central America.

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Create Ambitious Wind Farm

“The wind farm Penonomé is the first wind project in Panama and the largest in Central America,” said Rafael Perez last Friday Pire, managing director of Union Wind Panamanian subsidiary of the Spanish Wind Energy Union, in charge of the project.

The work will be built in Penonomé (150 km southwest of Panama City) and produce 220 megawatts, to power an estimated 500 000 people.

Panama, a country without oil, gets its energy primarily from hydroelectric plants and less from the heat, estimated up to one thousand 800 megawatts per day for a consumption of 350 thousand megawatts.

By 2014 it is estimated that energy consumption will reach 10 000 Panama 300 gigawatts / hour, of which the new work will produce about 500, about 5 percent of the total.

75 percent of energy will occur between January and March, when more wind, which will save water during the driest season.

Also, you can reduce dependence on fossil fuels “for energy inefficient,” said Perez.

This park, also considered as the third largest in Latin America, will cut 145 thousand tons a year by the use of oil and prevent the emission of 450 tons of carbon dioxide.

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