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Panama Canal Authority Has More Projects on Their Plate Than Just Widening the Canal

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With the widening of the Panama Canal, the Canal Authority is also focusing on a portfolio of other projects. First is a Channel Observations Center in the Atlantic which will have the capacity to receive 400 visitors 60 meters above sea level in an area. Second is the construction of a third bridge which will connect the communities of the lower coast of Colón with the capital of the province.

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Original Article Text From Prensa via Google Translate :

After getting the approval of the budget of $2000 380 000 000 of the Cabinet Council, for the fiscal year 2012-2013, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) focuses on its portfolio of projects for the coming years.

While advancing its flagship project, the extension of the way for ships of greater capacity to use the route, the ACP working on other projects are not as media.

The bank plans to open in the coming weeks a new Third Observation Centre at Gatun Locks in the Atlantic sector.

He further announced its intention to attract businesses to the future construction of another viewpoint on the Pacific side, and opened in August, the period for submission of proposals to build the third bridge over the Canal in Colon.

With an investment value estimated at $ 280 million, the construction of the third bridge is becoming reality. Inspired bridges in Spain, France, China and Japan, the Panama Canal will have a length of 4.6 kilometers, will rise 75 meters above sea level and will have four lanes, two each direction.

The bridge will connect the communities of the lower coast of Colón with the capital of the province.

After the prequalification process, the ACP selected firms-Tradeco Acciona Infrastructure Consortium (from Spain and Mexico), Odebrecht – Hyundai Joint Venture (Brazil and South Korea) and Vinci Construction Grands Projets (France) to participate in the public event.

The ACP open the period for submission of price proposals during the month of August, and once granted it, the winning company will have 32 months to complete construction.

Center Channel Observations in the Atlantic will receive 400 visitors simultaneously in its facilities, built 60 meters above sea level in an area of ​​four hectares.

From the lookout, visitors will have a panoramic view of the area, the Canal and Lake Gatun.

Currently, the ACP is being given in concession management and operation of a snack bar.

Of the three projects in the pipeline, this is the only one who went from the renderings and plans into reality.

Although no official date yet, it is estimated that the opening will be in the coming weeks.

Recently, the ACP issued a statement to attract companies interested in building another viewpoint, but the Pacific coast.

Much like center in Miraflores, the new gazebo will be located in the area of ​​Cocolí-on the west bank of the Canal, will have administrative buildings and public attention, an observation tower, public squares, restaurants, cafeterias and parking.

The recruitment process will be conducted according to standards established under the administration of the ACP, which in the coming days publish the statement of objections in more detail the project.

$ 280 Million is the estimated price of the investment.

3 Companies will present their proposals in August for the construction price.

32 Construction would take months.

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