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Panama Canal Workers Quit Work and Get Raise.

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Striking Panama Canal workers responsible for the construction of the third set of locks, go back to work this week with a pay raise that will run until the end of the expansion project. Authorities and striking workers came to an agreement after a week of stoppage.

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Extension Workers Return to their Posts

The workers of the Panama Canal expansion this morning returned to their places of work after the strike last week to demand better wages.

The information was confirmed by the leader Juan Arce, who said the strike was lifted. According to Arce, the end of the measure was taken with the commitment to comply with the agreed salary adjustment last Saturday.

Meanwhile, the union official Saul Mendez said that workers in the Colon province also lifted the strike.

From 6:30 am Monday, the workers met with union leaders to explain Cocolí the agreements reached in negotiations with the government.

Agreed was not well received this morning by some of the workers, who claimed to representatives in the negotiations his performance in the roundtable discussion. However, in the end the workers decided to return to their posts.

The wage increase reached the weekend only apply to people working in the construction of the third set of locks and will run until the end of the work.

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