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Panama Canal Workers Still On Strike.

Article Summary:

Panama Canal workers continue to strike as its union, Sole Union of Construction and Allied Workers (SUNTRACS),  say that negotiations are dead-locked with the Panamanian officials over on the issue of wage increase.

Photo Credit: La Prensa

Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Stop in Canal expansion in its Fourth Day

At 10:00 am on Thursday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development at Edison Plaza, continue the three-party meeting to resolve the work stoppage of workers involved in the expansion of the Panama Canal. 

This Thursday the strike reached its fourth day after yesterday, Wednesday, could not get workers agree, the Minister of Labor and Workforce Development, Alma Cortez, and representatives of United Group consortium through the Canal. 

Genaro Lopez, leader of the Sole Union of Construction and Allied Workers (SUNTRACS) Prensa.com told that negotiations are locked on the issue of wage increase.”The strike continues if no agreement,” Lopez said. 

He added that SUNTRACS be represented by Saul Mendez and David Child and delegates will also be expanding workers from both the Atlantic and Pacific. 


For Lopez, the company has recognized an increase to the workers. In terms of transportation-related requests, security measures and payment of overtime, the leader said at the time will be discussed, but for now focus on the wage increase. 

The leader insisted that the government has to make a decision on this issue and what can be done by decree to reform the decree No.4 March 1980, which regulates the wages of the workers. 

SUNTRACS leaders and extension workers are demanding that their wages are equated with those of workers in the Panama Canal Authority.

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