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Panama Domestic Bank Deposits up 11%

Article Summary:

Domestic banking deposits in Panama rose by 11% compared with the same period last year. Banking officials are convinced it is the continued economic growth of the Panamanian along with consumer confidence in both the domestic and foreign investors markets which drove the growth of all deposits to $5.5 billion.

Original Article Text From La Prensa, Panama via Google Translate :

Private Customer Deposits up 11%

Domestic deposits from individuals at the end of third quarter totaled in Panama banking industry $25,000, 560 million dollars, an increase of 11% over the same period last year.

These funds are those that have the highest growth in the expansion of total deposits, amounting to $55 thousand $ 557 million dollars, according to data compiled by the Superintendent of Banks. Accounts “view”, totaling $5 000 699.8 million dollars, have a 25.82% increase 169.7 million or a thousand dollars.

While savings totaling $6 000 289.4 million dollars, an increase of 15.41% or $839.5 million dollars.

The strength and growth of domestic and foreign deposits of individuals, mainly from the South American region, demonstrates the confidence of the depositor, both locally and abroad in Panama.

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From La Prensa, Panama

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