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Panama Has 3 New Airports, Questions Remain If They Will Be Used

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Three new airports in Panama; Rio Hato, Colon, and David, are the center of the government’s move to facilitate more tourist arrivals and new investment in their regions.

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New airports attract investors and tourists

The new airport in Rio Hato, Columbus, and David facilitate tourist arrivals and new investment in their regions. Río Hato Airport with an investment of 17 3 million is just 10 minutes from the beach resorts totaling an approximately 2,500 rooms.

Ernesto Orillac, Deputy Minister of the Tourism Authority of Panama said that in the next two years this figure will increase to 4,000 rooms in the interest of chains such as Riu, and Marriott. The first impact that this new airport is the possibility of charter flights from Canada to reach Tocumen land there. The numbers of tourists arriving on charter flights to Panama amounted to 58.244 passengers.

This will make the operation more competitive tourist arrivals from shortness of shipments. Through August of this year, 38,393 Canadians have come to Panama to 90% of them do so in search of sun and sand. In 2012 the company transported in charter Air Transat to 54,312 Canadians from various cities in Canada. De Montrea reached 23,517, Toronto 11,721, 4,205 Vancouver, Calgary 3,837, and 3,655 Edmonton.

Another company Canjet Airlines charters from Canada transported in the year 2012-13, 018 Canadian. From Montreal were 11,614 passengers. charter season from the North American country is mainly from November to April, when the season is in winter with intense cold. Scarlett Martinez airport – Rio Hato, is designed for landing BOEING 757-200 type aircraft, with capacity up to 228 passengers on charter flights, and traffic in the terminal about 500 passengers, both input and output. already announces the opening of new hotels in the region such as Ibiza Corona 138 habs, habs 499 Hard Rock, Marriott Casamar 180, 499 Orillac Farallon Beach

Resor also notes that the possibility of airport Enrique Maleck in David to receive large aircraft to international markets opens a lot of products in Chiriqui. The cost of this New Airport is $ 27.4 million.

“Boquete hotel has a small but offer very good services. Same with hotels and national parks Volcano, Bambito. David has become a city that is already considered in all of Central America as a shopping destination with hotels very attractive. Orillac said.

The islands and beaches of Chiriqui offer sun and beach and very interesting sport fishing together with the attractions of David and upland to folklore and cuisine, make an incredible deal continues Orillac.

Colon Airport is another catalysts of tourism in their region. At a cost of 58.3 million airport will facilitate tourist arrivals to Caribbean Panama. Cuango The new road to Sta Isabel $ 18 million investment as causes and a new 300-room hotel Decameron, also in the region open up new turtles. these routes consolidated tourist destinations awaiting development.

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