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Panama Ignores Its World Heritage Sites; Totes Beaches and Malls to Tourists

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For years Panama has aggressively promoted tourism to the Istmus by featuring its beaches, mega malls and cool mountain getaways. A New consensus thinks this marketing was wrong, and the country has all but abandon its five World Heritage Sites in favor of promoting the easier tourist attraction.

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Cultural Tourism In Abandonment

Last December was received 2,000,000 tourists. In 2012, the objective will celebrate the arrival of 2 million 250 thousand tourists, estimates the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP).

Describing the offer beaches of Panama, Bocas del Toro, San Blas and the archipelago of Las Perlas arouse devotion and admiration among visitors.

Conferences and purchases are the other big government gamble. This is defined Shamah Solomon, general manager of the Tourism Authority of Panama, “the tourists come for the beaches and shopping.”

However, there is something that the authorities seem to have forgotten. Culture is an asset that generates and attracts wealth.

Madrid and Rome boast of it. Panama, despite the availability of several options, not used. Culture Heritage Site is a category that UNESCO gives to specific sites in the world to preserve and disseminate the places of outstanding cultural or natural value.

Therefore, the malls are not protected. Those that do appear are five places expanded by the geography of the country. The Old Town of Panama City, the most vibrant cultural center of the country, is being restored with domestic and foreign capital, enjoys such recognition.

Other: the fortifications of the Caribbean (The Fort St. George and Portobelo), Coiba National Park, National Park of Darien and Panama Viejo, founded in 1519, the latter will be increased its investment in ‘$ 400 000 to $ 450 000′, said Shamah.

Alexey Pavlov, travel agent, a pioneer in designing unique travel affordable, said that ‘the unique offer of beaches is not enough for European tourists, always looking for something more. ” “Panama is known for nature and the Canal ‘, said Pavlov.

This idea agrees that culture has been abandoned favoring the attraction easier, which Shamah said, ‘we are a poor country, we are growing’. ‘Beautiful beaches, breathtaking and exotic fruits parties’ that is the message clear from the ATP website.

Panama offers more options, and the five World Heritage sites are few. It is not only to attract tourists, but to cultivate an image of a country grow.

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  • robo

    I think Panama is smart in going the opposite direction that Madrid and Rome have been going.

    Panama is rising up and developing the ability to pay for long lasting social programs and infrastructure.

    But Madrid and Rome are crumbling, broke, and have no way to pay for anything good or long lasting.

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