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Panama Invades USA to Promote Tourism

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Panama has its eyes on US travelers. The country is stepping up its game and holding information sessions in several US cities as a means to drum up business; first up, Washington DC, followed by Philadelphia and New York.

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Tourism Authority of Panama promotion starts in the U.S.

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) on Tuesday May 29 in Washington, United States, began a campaign to promote tourism in Panama. The caravan was directed to a select group of tour operators, Apple Vacations Company (one of the main promoters of tourism USA). Panamanian Minister of Tourism, Salomon “Salo” Shamah, leads the activity where Panama presents its best face for attracting people. The activity will continue on Thursday May 31 in U.S. cities of Philadelphia and New York. Panama with 108, a republic remains an unknown to many people. This ATP reiterating commitment to the country “Panama: Bridge world, heart of the universe, a mirror of the Americas. ” With information from Joshua Garcia from Washington

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