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Panama Is “The Way”

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Panama newest trademark effort “The Way” is the country’s latest endeavor to brand itself. To date, Panama has spent approximately $390,000 in an attempt to give the country a trademark, but without any tangible results. The country has high hopes for the new trademark and will roll out the new brand internationally in November 2012.

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Country’s Trademark Would be Ready in November

Panama could finally make his mark rolling country before the end of 2012. The Government has already given its approval to start production of the international campaign that will use the phrase “The way” (The road).

This three-piece integrated audiovisual campaign to be ready in November.

The slogan will be used with other phrases like “Panama, road to success, or the fun ‘, depending on the market to which it is addressed.

According to the 2011 ranking of the firm FutureBrand, which measured the strength of 113 country brands, Panama is at number 10 in America and 64 in the global table. According to FutureBrand, Panama stands out as a country for business and shopping.

One of the commercials will be a testimonial that will include comments and abroad who have achieved success in the country. While the other two will highlight the quality of services and products offered by Panama.

In the 2012 budget of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) is a game of $ 2 million to finance the production and implementation of the project.

If realized the plan would end six years of setbacks, in which the last two administrations failed to give an identity for Panamanian products that stood out from the rest in the international market.

In total we have spent approximately $390 thousand in the attempt to give Panama a country brand, but without any tangible results so far.

The ATP paid $ 100,000 consultant David Lightle in the study and definition of the country brand.

The consultant visited the country three months and conducted interviews to prepare its report. His recommendation was to use in Spanish-speaking markets the phrase “We bring the world”, but the government rejected their advice.

In return, the government saw as a viable option the slogan “Where the world meets” (Where the world meets), but this sentence was patented by a U.S. firm.

Panama offered $ 120,000 to keep the rights to exploit the slogan, but the negotiations never prospered.

After several attempts, the shift is given for “The Way”.

Increased tourist arrivals in the first half.

$ 2 Million is the budget to produce and market a national brand.

2008 The government of Martin Torrijos launched the brand

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