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Panama, King of Conference Tourism

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Panama is gaining ground in the convention and conference tourism sector, as the country plans to host 32 international events in 2013.

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Panama Hosts events Competing for Conference Tourism

Panama will host 32 international events in 2013, which have been specified by the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) and the figure is expected to increase in the coming months, it is estimated that hotel occupancy product the trading volume reaches 150,000 tourist nights, exceeding the 120,000 with closing expected by 2012.

According to the ATP, these figures indicate that Panama is gaining ground in the convention and conference tourism considering that in 2011 it was 90,000 rooms occupied.

“These events fail to capture thanks to aggressive competition from other Latin American cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Cancun, Mexico, Santiago de Chile, and Punta Cana Dominican Republic, “said the manager of the ATP, Salomon Shama.

He noted that in 2012, Panama hosted the Herbalife convention, attended by more than 2,000, the Ironman with over 1,000 athletes and companions and the second Summit of Cooperatives of the Americas, among other international events, which not only affect hotel occupancy, but consumption in restaurants, shopping, visits to tourist sites, among other activities that generate income and jobs to the country.

Shama said that construction of the new convention center in Amador, who is bidding, will add to the attractions of the capital city for the development of international meetings.

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