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Panama Launches Tourism Development for the Caribbean and the Pacific Sides

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The Panama has launched a new offensive to attract investment in tourism and development in two coveted areas, the former U.S. base in Sherman located on the Caribbean side, and Amador, on the banks of the Canal to the Pacific.

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Panama Launches Offensive Tourism Development In The Caribbean And The Pacific

The Government of Panama launched a new offensive to attract investment in tourism development in two areas coveted, the former U.S. base in Sherman, the Caribbean, and Amador, on the banks of the Canal to the Pacific.

In both locations has benefited from the comprehensive research of C4T Spanish consulting firm which won contracts to develop a comprehensive development plan in both areas and market research investment.

The executive secretary of the Administrative Unit of undo (UABR), Juan Carlos Orillac, told EFE that the investment opportunities in Sherman “come to call for tenders in the coming weeks,” after receiving the full study in 2010 from of the Catalan company.

The exploitation of the beautiful beaches of Sherman offers the industry, the construction of six hotels ecotourism, marinas for yachts, cultural centers, eight groups of dwellings and recreation centers.

About Amador, Spanish consultants have already submitted a preliminary draft in the coming weeks and will present its final report in this case to update the Tourism Development Plan prepared in 1996, said Orillac.

Regarding the development plan of Sherman, a former U.S. Navy base on the shores of the Caribbean to defend the Panama Canal, C4T work developed at a cost of 279 thousand 300 dollars, told EFE its CEO, George Kunz Puigvert .

For its part, the adviser said C4T Jordi Castelló that Sherman has estimated an investment of 177 million, while in the case of Amador, the consultancy contract rose to 192 thousand 800 dollars.

The massive development plan for Sherman, who had access to Reuters , raises a number of alternatives, explained Castelló, with the possibility of receiving up to 200 tour operators from various specialties and about 20 investors.

For its part, Orillac explained that the Panamanian government has prepared for the next several weeks the call for tenders for tourism development in Sherman, with the installed base of Naval Air Service and reserving there remains the projected areas for expansion.

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