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Panama on Verge of Military Coup?

Article Summary:

Panama’s President Ricardo Martinelli is yielding much of his power to the country’s security forces and, according to government sources, is fearing a coup d’état.

Original Article Text From la Prensa via Google Translate :

Martinelli Lives Fearing A Coup D’état According To Former Attorney Generals

Former attorney generals Rogelio Cruz and Ana Matilde Gómez described the support given to National Police director, Gustavo Pérez as a submission from president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli – in front of the danger of living a coup d’état from the security entities – in the recent controversy involving minister of Public Safety, José Raúl Mulino.

Cruz said both the president as well as his predecessors have yielded before the power of the security entities fearing a coup d’état.

This fear, both from Martinelli and from the head of states before him, has increased to the extent that security entities have established new forces such as the Air and Sea Service and the National Borders Services, said Cruz to Telemetro Reporta, a local televised news.

A major consolidation of the existing military regime has been noticed with the creation of these new forces, said former the former Attorney General of the Nation.

With this position, he agreed with also former Attorney General Ana Matilde Gómez, who said Pérez’ designation as head of the Security Council was an award from Martinelli.

This award was granted “in front of the insubordination the National Police director made against Mulino”. This is what is known in chess as castling. A movement made in order to protect the king, said Gómez to the morning news.

She also said Pérez’ case is not a novelty in the country since the presidents are living subdued to the movements made by security entities.

Yesterday Sunday, the president announced that Gustavo Pérez would be moved from the National Police (PN) as the new head of the Security Council. In turn, Julio Moltó would go from the Security Council to the PN.

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