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Panama Pacifico New Home for $17 Million Government Training Facility

Article Summary:

Panama will invest $17 million in a government vocational training center located in Panamá Pacífico. The facility will help meet the growing demand of skilled labor within the country, especially that of handling heavy equipment.

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Original Article Text From Panama America via Google Translate :

Panama Pacifico Created by the Workforce Development Inadeh $ 17 Million

The Administrator of Special Economic Zone Agency Pacific Panama (PPP), Olmedo Alfaro announced that together with the National Institute of Vocational Training for Human Development (Inadeh), will create a development center aimed at people of workforce that could hamper their access to the headquarters of Via Tocumen.

The project, which involves an investment of 17 million, is expected to begin work for the month of June this year and provide the requirements posed by the labor market: English, technology, work ethic and personal finances, said Alfaro program during the week of TVN .

“Together with the Inadeh and Innovation Authority of the Government have developed this important development center that fortunately have been other unions to tell us that we would have a module to teach academic (on) heavy equipment,” said Olmedo Alfaro.

He said the project already has the modules and simulators to teach the management of heavy equipment.
Olmedo makes the announcement in the midst of a discussion on Full Employment in Panama, along with other sources of opinion on the subject who argued various excuses to address employment issues in the country.

“Instead of saying we have an academic problem nationally, what we are doing is solving the immediate problem,” determined by the administrator of the APP.

He explained that the program focuses on the interests of the requirements of Panama Pacifico, although he questioned whether the program is ready to meet the requirements that the State has.

He also said that the JPA, after submitting the draft to the State, develop a program where the work may be included to force job seeker nationwide. It is a social network where Panamanians enter your employment information for businesses come when requesting employees, said Alfaro.

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