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Panama: Progress Made Opening Highways Despite Ongoing Protest. Goverment Denies Using Violence.

Article Summary:

After days of stalled negotiations between Panamanian Government officials and Indigenous Tribal leaders, governmental security forces began to reclaim the interAmeican highway from protesting Indigenous tribes.

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Original Article Text From Telemetro via Google Translate :

At 6:00 a.m. Police Initiated Actions for Clearing Via

At 6:00 am National Police units began moving to the clearing of the American way. While indigenous community members say was a violent retreat by units of the State Border Service, with release of pellets, Public Security Minister, denied that the case of border and claims that are not armed units and machinery such as forklifts and backhoes to clean the track.

They have already been cleared Horconcito sectors, San Lorenzo and San Juan. It remains to San Felix, where the largest number of Indians in closing. Mulino said that he and the administrator of the Tourism Authority of Solomon Shamah, maintained communication with indigenous leaders until 2:00 am on Sunday, thanks to mediation of Bishop Jose Luis Lacunza. I

Initially had agreed that the road would be released at 6:00 am, however, Mulino said the agreement was not met and had already given the order of clearance from the announced time .

” It has succeeded in the release of all hostages of Costa Rican nationality, Nicaragua, Argentina and Canada, whose buses have been evacuated safely, “explained a statement from the National Police.

So far, authorities reported four policemen wounded beaten with stones and sharp objects. On the suspension of telecommunication services, Mulino acknowledged that the government finally issued a warning to companies about potential harm and they suspended ” voluntarily “.

” At the time that I had asked other information of sabotage, with the aim of protecting the premises and all, was asked to proceed ASEP and cellular operators voluntarily suspended because, requirement for safety reasons and to prevent any sabotage attempt to risk private property these operators . ”

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