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Panama Puts Colon Free Zone Up for Sale, Residents Say NO!

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The Municipal Council of Colon, Panama held its meeting outside the gates to the Colon Free Zone this week due to a high turnout. Why the outcry? The government of Panama is poised to sell the land at a profit of $33 million.

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“We Will Not Allow The Fta To Sell Land”: Municipal Council

We have named this bill, bread today and hunger tomorrow, because we will not allow land to be sold Free Zone when they are raising $ 33 million in rent,” said City Council President Columbus and Southern District representative Alex Lee.

The 14 representatives of the district township of Colon, met his warning to make the City Council meeting outdoors, facing the front door of the Free Zone as a sign of opposition to land sales of the commercial emporium.

The front door was closed, while a large group of people with placards and slogans rejecting the sale of land.

The manager of the Free Zone, Leopoldo Benedetti, was the beginning of the meeting and apologized to members of the commune Colonense indicating that he had a meeting with IDB officials and retired, leaving the sub manager.

The project was severely questioned by the various figures among the deputies Miguel Salas and Iracema Dale, the deputy Chelita Delgado who were given a courtesy to speak.

Also opposition leader was present Balbina Herrera. Edgardo Voitier, the Broad Front for Colon and who is one of the critics of the project, said the need for the Government, see the spirit of this project, because what is being delivered state’s heritage.

Voitier noted that in the six years 2006-2011, the Colon Free Zone was in commercial activity and $ 320.528 million while the contribution from Colon to Panama’s GDP during the same period was 8 million 326 thousand U.S. dollars, which shows that free zone figures are always increasing, so the land has been part of the functioning of this institution and this has not been an obstacle to economic growth in this area open.

Iracema Deputy Dale said he did not understand how the Free Zone manager left the area where there was Colons City Council, one of the entries in the Free Zone, saying it had an important meeting to attend in the city of Panama, when what is being put at stake is the heritage of the free zone.

Area on the other hand disagreed with a project that benefits will only harm the Colonenses. As the leader of Freight Transportation, Gilberto Soto son, emphasizes that the sale of these lands end up with the Free Zone, “the current rulers are playing with fire when it tries to make the sale without consulting Colonense on society.”

Similarly stated that this is not only in selling the land but goes even further by changing the spirit of the Free Zone Act, and becomes the manager of the zone in a position with certain time, in addition want to be adjacent to areas which are the stadium land Marian College Bull and Abel Bravo.

The deputies led the session, approving the implementation of a new session with the participation of the Managing open area next Tuesday in the same place, at the front door of the Colon Free Zone.

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