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Panama Seizes Rights of Possession Lands in Cocle

Article Summary:

Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli has announced that more than 54 hectares of land in John Hombrón, Cocle will be put out to tender. The landowners were given rights of possession under the former administration of President Martin Torrijos and according to the current presidential administration, this highly desired coastal land is national property and not for public use, hence its seizure.

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Original Article Text From Panama America via Google Translate :

Tender Government Shall Convene the Grounds of John Hombrón

The president Ricardo Martinelli announced yesterday that the land of John Hombrón, which were seized last Friday, will be put out to tender.

“When the lands of John Hombrón return to the state, we will licitarlas for the product of these funds to enter the Panamanian government.” the president said, while cautioning that there is no malicious intent and that no one takes advantage “should do something about our coasts.”

Ricardo Martinelli also warned that the system must change how they allocated some possessory rights that are facing the sea.

The announcement was made during the delivery of two infrastructure projects in the province of Los Santos, where he also took the opportunity to criticize the way in which past administrations gave land in the area of ​​France Field, Colon Province. According to Martinelli, the land was surrendered by cronyism.

Once you know the intentions of the president, Rogelio Cruz exprocurador said to be brought out to bid this land, you must first register the decree of expropriation in the public registry for this form, the farms would be owned assets of State.

Cruz said that the state can sell the land under the tender system or public event, as long as the decree of expropriation is declared unconstitutional.

“I think this decree will be sued as unconstitutional because it establishes an expropriation without compensation,” said Cruz.

Meanwhile, the lawyer also said Guillermo Marquez Amado put out to tender the lands of John Hombrón would like to bid out the Vaults, because they are state property, as they are for public use.

Amado Marquez referred to the constitutional article 258 that establishes what the properties belonging to the State and are public and therefore not subject to private appropriation.

Given the signs of Amado Marquez, Cruz said, in his view, when they possessory titles of these lands, it was because the land was national and not for public use.

Who also addressed the issue was the constitutional Silvio Guerra, who recalled that the expropriation decree that was issued last week established a character of way to land, a fact that contradicts the intention of opening them to bidding.

Guerra mentioned that both easements as properties that referred to in Article 258 of the Constitution, are not subject to private appropriation. The lawyer argued that no contradiction between the desire to get tender and constitutional law and the decree making the expropriation.

On his Twitter account, Raisa Banfield environmentalist wondered if John Hombrón was expropriated because public right, why is going to sell public land.

We attempted to check the version of some ministers, including Ricardo Quijano, but declined to talk about it.

Conflict Lands in Cocle
54 hectares of land handed over the alleged inhabitants of State John Hombrón.
12 was the average of corporations interested in the land of John Hombrón.
14 farms were expropriated by the State of Panama, after months of criticism.

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