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Panama Talks of Merging Transit Authority and National Police Force

Article Summary:

Speculation continues within the Transit Authority and Land Transport (ATTT) of Panama and the National Police Force of a possible merger. ATTT says it has an interest in this merger for better coordination and regulation of traffic, while a merger would offer broader powers to the National Police Force.

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Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Merger of Transit Police and the ATTT, analysis, Fabrega

The director of the Transit Authority and Land Transport (ATTT), Jorge Ricardo Fabrega, spoke this Monday, January 9, the possible merger of the Directorate of Traffic Operations (DNOT) of the National Police and the entity that he going. 

According to Fabrega, it is a possibility that is at the level of analysis. 

The director told Prensa.com ATTT not want to speculate on this issue. However, he admitted that the issue is not new and is in a stage of consideration. “That is not imminent,” he said. 

La Prensa published today DNOT members will, in the coming months, the ATTT, as they apply to face the looming traffic congestion mainly in the capital. 

Traffic authorities themselves have admitted that in the coming months the dams will be more frequent due to road infrastructure works that are performed. 

On the subject, Fabrega said that since the establishment of the ATTT was an interest in this merger for better coordination in the regulation of traffic. “Right now is a subject of analysis,” he said. 

“This may be tomorrow or two months or as it may not be,” Fabrega. 

Teofilo Moreno Deputy Commissioner, National Director of Traffic Operations, has not yet ruled on the issue

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