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Panama the next Venezuela? Martinelli’s opponents say Maybe.

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Is the president of Panama limiting democracy and concentrating his power within the country? Prominent Panamanian constitution experts and political opponents to the president believes so, and say the recent resignation of former Mayor Ricardo Bosco Vallarino, Panama City, is just one more step in Martinelli’s attempt to consolidate his power.

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Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Concerned About the Concentration of Power that is Occurring, says Bernal
The constitutional Miguel Antonio Bernal said this Friday, January 13, which concerned the concentration of power that is taking place, by the President, Ricardo Martinelli. 

His statement comes in the wake of the resignation of Ricardo Bosco Vallarino of the district capital. The position will be occupied by Roxana Méndez, who is part of the ruling Democratic Change (CD) and is owned by the Ministry of Government. 

For Bernal, the country has “clouds” of deinstitutionalization. He argued that this situation limits democratization. According to counsel, it affects that promote more and better items to enhance dialogue, which, he added, is a task for all and not a clique. In these situations, suffers municipal autonomy is dying Constitutionalist said TVN Noticias. 

Popular Party president, Milton Henriquez, also spoke this morning to issue Telemetro Reports. Henriquez said Martinelli has no credibility. 

So called both the political class, civil society, churches and media to stand up for freedom. 

According to the politician, be prepared to defend itself “from a president who does what he wants.” Meanwhile, the leader of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, Roberto Velasquez, lamented the situation facing democracy today. 

Speaking to TVN News, Velasquez, who was a candidate for the capital’s municipality in 2009, said he can not agree with the type of pressure from Martinelli or CD that influenced Vallarino out of office. Currently, Vallarino is hospitalized.

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  • Robo

    Sounds like Martinelli must be doing a good job if he is making the left wing leaders angry.

    Left wing ideas destroy countries and economies whenever they are tried, yet certain kinds of people keep wanting to try them.

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