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Panama: This New Tourism Attraction Might Surprise You

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Panama is blessed to have two coast lines and both have several prime locations for surfing, positing itself as a top surfing destination; and with millions of tourism and tournament dollars at stake, it’s no wonder Panama is pushing its surfing tourism agenda.

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The sport of surfing, new engine Panama tourism

The waves are a natural resource and free infinite benefit of our country, the sport of surfing has over 20 million practitioners worldwide with an annual increase of 1. 5 million and is positioned as one of the sports with development potential currently.

A strength of this sport is that it generates seed of progress and development in places without sightseeing. Furthermore, surf tourism infrastructure does not need much to start generating. So when talking about the value of a place, what really counts is the quality of the wave.

For example, if Venao beach had not had that wave right in front, chances are it would have been a pasture for the next 100 years. since the year 2011 so far in this area has been an investment amount of $ 3,635,000 which represents a increase of 31 rooms in hotels, boarding houses and bungalows (cabañitas tourist oriented.)

If all this we add that Panama has two oceans and increased tourism that our country has positioned itself at the top, as there is nothing but open your eyes and realize that tourism and surfing are now two inseparable allies.

The three tourist spots in the country where over this activity and in which the product is sold surf are beach Venao ( Pedasi area), Santa Catalina (Veraguas) and Bocas del Toro.

Fernando Aguerre, President of the International Surfing Association (ISA), told The Star that they seek three basic elements when organizing events in a country: constant waves , a government that supports and organizers capable. ‘Panama easily meets these three elements, first with its coastline with world class waves are allowing an event record eight consecutive days, a government that has been supporting the development of surf and has been willing to invest in global promotion to attract surf tourism and all its benefits as income to the most needy and to the country, “concluded Aguerre.

Panama has held four world surfing in the last three years organized by the ISA, in conjunction with the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP). Organize an ISA World will cost about $ 1. 5 million of which ATP contributes nearly half, about $ 740,000, and the rest with sponsors.

When performing this type of international event the goal is to generate tourism, but the main goal is to create” the news” that is to generate quality informative content that goes around the world. When taking an assessment of all the web publications, printed or audiovisual content that appears on all the international media we can realize that advertising content that ends up being sold directly to Panama and this generates five times more than the investment.

Live transmissions surf online ‘webcast’ are the most viewed worldwide. ‘We are very pleased and will continue to support events like this’, said Vice Minister of Tourism Panama Ernesto Orillac. There are three leading international: Quiksilver, O’Neill, Billabong, Rip Curl. Today, this industry weighs approximately $ 8.300 million. A $ 4.700 million in the U.S. and $ 1. 5 in Europe.

WHAT WINS THE PEOPLE? About $ 270,000 left the last World Cup of the ISA to the people of Santa Catalina in hotels and restaurants. In this world of the ISA was attended by 24 countries with about 140 competitors, the production staff, which totals 100 people more and if you also take into account the public attended, you can get an idea of how caused the community of Santa Catalina for 10 days worldwide. This has not been added rental vehicle or consumption of liquor. should be taken into account that the federations of each country receive from their governments about $ 40,000 to cover their expenses.

COSTA RICA According to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT ), with air entering Rican soil about 400,000 surfers. This type of tourism is staying for luxury hotels, middle class and booths in an average of about 17 days, spending stay around $ 120 a day, so this number, Annually $ 816 million left in the hands of trade. In all these statistics have to surfer only by the number of ‘covers of the tables’ entering the country without chaperones.

NEW ERA OF PANAMA SURF won Panama has gone global thanks to the ISA and not only gave us prestigious exhibition and tourism. The second place of Jean Carlos ‘Oli’ Gonzales at ISA WSG 2013 set a precedent for Panamanian surfing. He was born a new icon with potential sponsorship for any international brand and a new national hero example for the children.

This has also strengthened the Panamanian Association of Surfing (APS), and which is becoming the surfing organization serving Panama and increases the number of youth and children interested in competing in future national circuit tournaments.

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