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Panama: Tocumen Adds Asian Flights

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Tocumen International Airport is committed to make the leap from a regional airport terminal into a transcontinental hub, and it is betting on expanding flights from Asian carriers to achieve this goal.

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Tocumen Airport bid to Become Transcontinental

Tocumen International Airport, located in Panama this, commitment to move from a regional airport terminal to a transcontinental, according to its growth projections.

To achieve this goal, Juan Carlos Pino, general manager of Tocumen, SA, said on Tuesday , April 3 that “airlines are betting on Asia”, ie to expand the routes and frequencies of flights arriving at the airport.

“This puts us at a competitive major,” he said. Pino attended today the Blue Room of the National Assembly, where he presented his annual report to the Legislative Committee of Communications and Transport. During his speech, the general manager of Tocumen, SA said that “we are reaching the useful capacity of the airport.”

Hence, he added, several plans are underway for growth, due to the increase of passengers passing through the airport. As proof, he cited the figures recorded Pino at the end of 2011.

As for passengers, there was an increase of 11% in business revenue, growth was between 22% and 25%, and the line of aeronautical revenues, the increase was 11%. “If you make the right choices [now], we will lose competitiveness,” we’re recording to date, said Pino.

REPORTS Pine also mentioned that in 2011 the Tocumen Airport reported revenues totaling $ 99 million and earnings gross $ 49 million. “This is an important efficiency,” he said. In fact, the activity of this air terminal is $ 35 million to the Panamanian government, according to the official report. “The finances are very healthy,” we have assets of $ 800 million and debt of $ 30 million, resulting debt capacity said Pino.

So far, priority has been given to the passenger terminal. For this reason, Pine admitted that the cargo terminal has to be renewed, “allowing us to reach levels similar to those of Bogotá [Colombia] in record time.” As for movement of cargo, the airport handled 100 000 Panamanian tons (as reported by 2011), well below the figures recorded Bogota annual 700 000 tons of cargo.

Looking back to the load segment we are looking for freight carriers that come to the airport, said Pino.

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