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Panama Tourism Up 14% in 2011

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The tourism sector in Panama is expected to end 2011 with a 14% increase over 2010. Amongst the 2012 tourism plans is the anticipation of the completion of several interior international airports. This will allow travelers to make direct flights from Tocumen International Airport, currently those traveling to the interior have to change airports when flying into the interior of the country.

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Panama Tourism Sector will End 2011 with a 14% Growth
In 2011 Panama had a positive balance in tourism, a few days since the end of the year is expected to reach sector growth to 14%, according to the administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), Solomon Shamah.

The achievements, the official said, include that exceeded the 2 million visitors, an agreement was reached for the conference and convention organizers Americans can deduct the expenses incurred from their taxes and kept the scheduled departures of Puerto Colon 2000 throughout the year, among others.

To Do
Shamah said that projects were completed. “Many things were left out. I say planned, much is true, some are pending and will be doing, “he said.

Among the plans that fell through is the full payment of insurance for tourists, a policy that covers foreigners or Panamanians entering from abroad by air entering the Tocumen International Airport and stay legally in the country. The last payments are pending to become effective in 2012, according to the ATP.

Other tasks are also pending, according Shamah-creating an organization that helps to attract more conventions and project implementation in Taboga beach resort, including the construction of a clubhouse and a landfill, publishes Press.

In the 2012 list is also pending: finishing the international airports in order to make direct flights to the interior from Tocumen so that passengers will not have to change airports if they want to travel into the interior of the country and increase the certification scheme hotel guides and operators.

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