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Panama Will Finally Get an Airport Hotel

Article Summary:

Panama will invest $20 million into an airport hotel to be located one minute from Tocumen International Airport and will take two years to complete.

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Construct Airport Hotel

With an investment of $ 20 million, yesterday Bern Hotels & Resort and Intercontinental Hotels Group signed an agreement for the construction of Crowne Plaza Panama Airport, located on the premises of Global Business Terminal (GBT) in Torremolinos, path of Tocumen.

The project is the closest to the Tocumen International Airport at a distance of just a minute and open its doors to the public in the next 24 months. During the first phase, the hotel will have 126 rooms, restaurant, exercise room, business center, bar and lounges Meeting. However, the project has planned to have a total of 300 rooms in the future.

Herman Bern, President of Empresas Bern, said the new hotel will help travelers and multinational companies that operate in the GBT as well as those requiring be near the airport or who suffer unforeseen during their travel connections.

Meanwhile, Alvaro Diago, president of Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) and Robert Morse, chief operating officer of the Americas for IHG, the largest hotel group world, ensured that the hotel will be an additional service that will provide the country and the airport.

Crowne Plaza Panama Airport is the second in the city and fifth-backed IHG hotel, under the management of Bern Hotels & Resorts, a division of hotels and Investment Outlook. Two Big Expenses Of Retiring Overseas That

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