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Panamanian Media Concludes People Do Not Support Martinelli

Article Summary:

Recent surveys conducted by Panamanian media concludes that the Panamanian people do not favor nor support their President or his government.

Original Article Text From Prensa-Latina via Google Translate :

Survey does not endorse nor his government Martinelli

The latest survey Dichter & Neira for La Estrella does not favor the president Ricardo Martinelli or his government, which lost almost all positions in the public consultation issues.

The first consideration is the president himself, whose two most popular low in January, continuing the trend of decline since the breakup of the alliance with the Panamanian government, as enlarged details today.

According to Dichter & Neira, the rate of positive rating rose from 49.1 per percent in December to 46.9 this month. The negative rating index was up 47.8 to 50 and the work of the President also disapproved and only 50.9 against 44.5 in favor.

The consultation shows that there is skepticism and disillusionment among Panamanians in terms of 2014 elections as 30.1 percent said they trust the presidential candidates, and 21 do not know or does not respond, while 32.2 preferred candidates from the opposition. Four of the PRD candidates added 16.5 percent of popular sympathy .

They are Juan Carlos Navarro, Balbina Herrera, Laurentino Cortizo and Samuel Lewis. Head is kept in the Panamanian leader Juan Carlos Varela, but declining to go down from 21.4 to 16.7.

The government declined to 16.3 percent chance that his figure is elected as President of the Republic and its visible only candidate so far is the Social Development Minister, Guillermo Ferrufino, accumulating 6.3.

The government’s credibility continues to decline, losing 9.5 points from November to January, coinciding with the murky scandals purchase of safety equipment and granting of state land.

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