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Panama’s Labor Shortage Forces Government to Grant More Work Permits

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Panama’s Security Minister Raul Mulino indicated that the country has a labor shortage, and once a foreigner has met Panama’s security requirements, there is no reason to keep that person from being granted a work permit. The largest number of work permits were issued for the Colon Free Zone and foreigners who work in the City of Knowledge.

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Original Article Text From El Siglo via Google Translate :

Increase Work Permits for Foreigners

Nearly 5,805 work permits to foreigners, representing 11.6% increase over the same period of 2011, awarded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development (Mitradel) from January to May of 2012, being nationalities Colombian, Venezuelan, Chinese and mostly benefited the Dominican. The report issued by the Directorate of Social and Economic Analysis of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), supported Mitradel sources, shows that people with Colombian nationality (36.8% ), Venezuela (8.9%), Chinese (6.4%) and Dominicans (6.1%) were obtained higher number of permits to work in the country permanently.

Susana Cedeno, a Panamanian who works as a secretary, says that whenever becomes more difficult to get jobs because the jobs are occupied by foreigners. ‘Panamanians think we are able to fill any position, but it seems that companies rely more on foreign nationals in’ he said Cedeño.

Raul Mulino, Security Minister, said that Panama has a shortage of labor and that is reaching many people to seek future. ‘After meeting the security requirements need not be in the informal economy. We will continue to regularizing the large number of foreigners who can not deport and who want to come to Panama to earn an honest living, “he stressed Mulino.

According to the report, the largest number of work permits was for CFZ (88.9%), confidence (76.0%) and foreigners who work in the City of Knowledge (72.4%). In the Colon Free Zone, of all aliens who are approved the work permit, most are from Korea and Venezuela, with 17.6% each.

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