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Panama’s Last Tourism Frontier – The Darien

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The Darien Province might be Panama’s last tourism frontier. It is home to the indigenous group Emberá-Wounaan, set in an exotic, rain forest location and, according to some travel experts, ripe for an ecotourism explosion.

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Darien in the sights of ecotourism

The Darien Province is a major focus for the development of ecotourism in the coming years due to the work done by the State Border Service (SENAFRONT) to reduce the presence of armed groups outside the law, is generating investor confidence , so it is expected that more tourists from around the world rediscover an area that will exceed all expectations.

This has raised the administrator of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), Solomon Shamah, who said that from the Darien National Park, the forests, the rivers and Chucunaque Tuira, mines of Cana, to Embera culture, and African descent, cultural and ecological diversity historic Darien, makes an ideal holiday destination for years.

He added that the list of points already located for tourism, above 40, in a province that provides forest cover, as few in the world.

The administrator said that while existing hotel deals in this province, there is still more for hotel rooms and other tourist facilities allow the promotion of Darien from a larger perspective, as in other provinces.

“The advantage is that Darien is a hidden paradise where you look, where biodiversity and multiethnic allow economic sustainability through tourism” Shamah said.

Currently there are in Darien, tourism businesses and inns, cottages, selling crafts, guides, amid this natural spectacles, some, world heritage sites and biosphere reserve for ecotourism is now stronger.

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