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Panama’s Murder Rate Drops, But Still Higher than Costa Rica or Nicaragua

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Although Panama has seen a decline in its murder rate this year, its figures are well above the tolerable level for the World Health Organization, making it the fourth deadliest countries in the region.

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Lower Homicide Figures, But These are Still High
Closed at 704 the number of homicides recorded in the country during 2011, an average of 1.9 cases per day, according to figures from the Integrated National Crime Statistics (SIEC) released Wednesday by the Security Minister, Jose Raul Mulino . 

This figure reveals a decrease of less than 55 cases concerning 759 2010, or 7.2%. If one takes into account the total population of 3 million 405 thousand 813 people according to the census 2010, the rate of homicides per 100 000 inhabitants registered in Panama last year was 20.6, the lowest in the last three years. 

In fact, the figures confirm that Sieca homicide rate per 100 thousand inhabitants in Panama in 2009 was 23.7, the highest in the history of the country, while in 2010 dropped to 21.6.

 But although the decline is 1 point for 2010 and 3.1 points compared to 2009, the rate of the country remains still above other countries in the region and Costa Rica (9) and Nicaragua (11), in accordance with the fourth state in the region, which developed the State Program of the Nation of Costa Rica, based on statistics for the last three years.

 In addition, the rate remains at Panama well above the figures “tolerable” homicide according to the World Health Organization (WHO, for its acronym in English)-from 9 cases per 100 000 inhabitants , and thus puts the phenomenon of criminality in the country in the category of epidemic. 

Even the rate of homicides per 100 000 inhabitants of Panama is above that of Mexico, in 2010 was 18.1, according to the latest of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. This does not mean, however, that in Panama the murder rate is as in Mexico, on the contrary. In the Aztec country was 20 000 585 crimes in 2010, the second highest figure on the continent, preceded only by Brazil, where this year there were 43 000 909 murders.

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