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Panama’s Political Turmoils Threaten Its Investment Risk

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Panama’s continuing political conflicts have put the country at risk of losing foreign and private sector investment in the country. Possible corruption scandals in the government along with a lack of transparency are affecting the country’s image as a secure place for investment.

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Foreign Investment Policy Threatens

Political conflicts in Panama increase the risk for foreign investment and the private sector in the country. Fernando Aramburu Porras, former Minister of Economy and Finance, said that “possible corruption scandals in government and other sectors affecting the country’s image and thus the investor’s perception about the business environment that exists in Panama. ” ‘If we want to stay as an attractive country for investment in a sustainable manner over time, we can handle these problems and transparent institutional’, he said.

Ultimately this will affect the level of investment because investors prefer to go to countries that offer more guarantees of transparency to their business, he said. Ernesto Bazan, financier and consultant, agreed with Aramburu.
‘Confidence is a key factor in attracting investment. On the other hand, generally believe that weak institutions may be a limiting factor in the risk rating, as it not only considers quantitative but also qualitative, “he said.

Panama has a number of tasks required to remain a destination promising for foreign investment, said Jonathan Menkos, an economist and researcher at the Central Institute for Fiscal Studies. In the medium term, the country needs to fight against inequality, informality, low quality of education and lack of transparency of public life and private sectors, he said.

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