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Panama’s Rio Hato Airport Nears Completion

Article Summary:

In six months both vehicular and air traffic will be circulating at Panama’s newest airport, Rio Hato. Despite delays by the Ministry of Public Works who were building vehicular tunnels under the air strip, the $115 million project is only six months behind schedule. The airport will be capable of moving upwards of 300 people and accommodate two Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

Photo Credit: Panama America

Original Article Text From Panama America via Google Translate :

Rio Hato tunnel is in the final

In six months, the vehicular traffic on the section of the airport in Rio Hato Scarlett Martinez is through the tunnel, as confirmed by the director of inspection, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), Eliécer Broce.

Broce admitted that there is a delay of three months by the time it took the construction company to relocate utilities (electricity and telephone) and the diversion of cars, but the jobs themselves are an increase of 65%. “Once completed the installation phase of the slab, groundwater flow is enabled to continue work on the airport highway, as provided in the contract,” said Broce.

The extension of the tunnel is 170 meters with a depth of over 8 meters, at a cost of $ 35 million. The project includes the rehabilitation of the current airport runway and the design and construction of the tunnel. The circulation will be two lanes in both directions with central splitter by New Jersey-type barriers and sidewalks with their respective protection. The construction of the underground section is a component for the development of new international airport in Rio Hato, the rehabilitation of the runway 2 000 450 meters long.

Rafael Barcenas, head of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), said that the project that develops parallel institution building of the terminal building and control tower has a 60% advance. The project consists of a parking deck for the landing of two Boeing 757-200.

The FAA estimates that the airport, with capacity for 300 passengers in and out, up and running by mid 2013.
The work is worth $ 80 million and have facilities like those in the Tocumen International Airport.

The airport runway remodeled Scarlett Martinez is 2 thousand 500 meters long and the passenger terminal is expected to reflect the characteristics of the area and style of sun and sand, with a demand of 300 passengers in and out.

The airport was built by the U.S. armed forces in 1942. In 1970 it reverted to Panamanian control and remained in use until 1989. The new airport in the province of Cocle will accommodate up to eight aircraft positions.

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  • misterfinca

    belleza !!!

  • Rebecca Wentzel

    The opening of the Rio Hato airport couldn’t have come at a better time, with Panama’s
    Central Provinces experiencing unprecedented growth both as a tourist and retirement
    destination. In addition to the many Pacific beach communities located only minutes from the new airport, the nearby Azuero Peninsula is experiencing a boom in residential communities geared towards expats and tourists alike. Chief among these projects is the Cubitá Wyndham Grand residential/hotel/commercial development in the city of Chitre,
    which offers a luxurious yet affordable lifestyle in a setting that maintains the traditional colonial style of the region. Cubitá is located only a short drive from beautiful, pristine beaches (including some of the best surfing beaches in the world), and is only minutes away from all of the urban amenities such as banks, grocery stores, restaurants, a mall, hospitals, schools, etc.

  • Loly

    Are there any firm dates yet for the opening of this airport ?

  • Joseph

    What about Job openings and Point of contacts for job Position? I believe this might be a truly exciting airport to work at.

  • Dan

    Will the airport have jetways like Tocumen?

  • Marta Johnson

    So glad my husband and I purchase a house in Santa Clara in 2004 5 minutes from the new airport. Rent my house @ http://www.vacationhomerentals.com/63593

  • George

    Did the new rio hato airport open mid December 2013 as scheduled?

  • R.A.F.

    just wondering if that’s the same place the army had a training area if so I was there in 65 to 67 and it was great then

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