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Panama’s Trade Agenda Grows

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Panama has established trade talks with 10 of the most competitive countries in the world and is eager to add products to its export lists.

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Panama’s Trade Agenda Grows

Panama’s economic growth owes much credit to the free trade agreements have been signed in recent years, as well as private and government investments. Panama has established trade talks with most of the 10 most competitive countries in the world, such as Singapore, United States, Canada and Taiwan.

This has led to major rating agencies have attributed to investment grade country. According to Luis Garrido, National Director for International Trade Negotiations, economic growth is also linked to several external sectors, especially the logistics, because the maritime represents 17% of gross domestic product (GDP).

Currently have existing agreements with all Central American countries and others such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and recently Peru, said Garrido. added that there are expectations that goes into effect a treaty with Trinidad and Tobago, is in talks with Colombia to resume negotiations and plans to an agreement with Aruba.

‘We are working hard to incorporate, there upcoming negotiations with South Korea and Israel ‘, she said. United States remains the country’s main trading partner, but Canada is getting closer, because gold has replaced the banana in terms of exports, “he said Garrido. For the director, agriculturally Canada is the lead partner of Panama. Exports have been equilibrated to different markets. ‘If you fall you’re always on the other, and we are not only in America’, expanded Garrido.

“We hope to further strengthen our exports in about a year we hope to deepen our relationship with Barbados and Curacao. Expectations are high with Peru, we want to access new markets with processed chicken, beef, among other products’ he said Garrido.

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