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Primary Report Reveals Violations Against Protesting Panamanian Indigenous

Article Summary:

According to initial reports a violation of human rights against the people of the Bugle Ngäbe, who closed the Interamerican Highway during the later half of February, did indeed occur.

Photo Credit: La Prensa

Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Presented Report Events In Chiriqui And Veraguas

A report of the events between indigenous and riot in early February, in the provinces of Chiriqui and Veraguas, was presented on Monday, March 5, before the Public Ministry.

Aressio Valiente, of Citizens Alliance for Justice, said in the report involved several organizations that came together to investigate what happened.

According to Valiente, the report reveals a violation of human rights against the people of the Bugle Ngäbe, so that victims seeking justice.

At the beginning of last February Indians who oppose mining and hydroelectric development in Ngäbe clashed with riot Bugle. For these events, dozens of people were injured and two died.

A member of the Citizens Alliance for Justice said some of the violations which yielded to the report, which stressed the guarantees have lawyers, because people who were detained were not allowed to call their lawyers.

Another violation was the right to communication as it was ordered shut down communications in the towns that were conflicts Chiriqui and Veraguas and the right to property, since the police entered the residence without a search warrant permission said Valiente.

Finally, he mentioned that it violated the right to life because two people died as a result of these disturbances.

According to the spokesman of the organizations that participated in drafting the report, ask them also to settle the high-level commission, as set forth in the agreement of San Lorenzo, to analyze this issue and that an investigation transparent of the facts.

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