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Rising Tourism Numbers Boost Panama’s Economy

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Panama welcomed over 1.4 million visitors to its shores between January and July of 2013, and these visitors left behind revenues 10% higher when compared to the same period the year before.

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Tourist expenditure increased 10.4%

Some 1.437 million dollars spent the one million 281 thousand 911 tourists entered the country between January and July this year.

In 2012 tourists spending was for 1.301 million dollars, which means that so far this year the number has increased by 136 million Balboas, representing an increase of 10.4%.

The flow of visitors from January to July of 2013 recorded a total of 281 000 911 a million visitors, an increase of 3.7%, or 45,504 additional visitors by 2012, according to figures from the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP).
According to figures from the same institution, only during the month of July 163.353 people visited Panama.

On the other hand, Tocumen International Airport remains the largest gateway to the country, reporting a 890.605 people input results in an increase of 2.1% compared to 2012, followed by Paso Canoas and cruise ports increased by 3.4 % and 3.1%.

However, in the period from January to July 2013, the Panama City hotels show a 58.5% overall occupancy showing a decrease of 2% with 2012. In this regard, the ATP reported reductions are due to the increase of the hotels exists in the country.

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