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Say It Isn’t So! Panama-Colombia Ferry Canceled

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It seems the Panama-Colombia Ferry project was never able to leave the port. Panamerican Seaway, the company behind the project, has announced its cancellation. The project was first announced in April 2012 and would have linked the Port of Colon to Cartagena, Colombia, in a 12-hour journey.

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Canceled ‘ferry’ between Colón and Cartagena

At the time it was announced that the project represented an investment of $ 15 million.

The journey between the port of Columbus 2000 and the port of Cartagena in Colombia would take about 12 hours. Six months ago they announced the launch of the ferry to serve the route Colon, Panama, and Cartagena Colombia, launch that generated much expectation among travel agencies located in the country.

However, the project never got underway, and little information is known of it.

In 2000 Aventura offices, the agency that would be responsible for the operation in Panama, said the project is canceled until further order and know if it will come to fruition.

In April, the company announced that Seaway Panamerican start operating in May the ferry, and the 12-hour journey would link the port with terminal Colon Cartagena.

At that time it was noted that the project required an investment of $ 15 million, and that there were only concrete customs issues between the two countries.

Among the factors that have delayed the operation would be the lack of liquidity that cross the Greek partners of the project, who were responsible for providing the ship Nissos Rodos, with capacity for 484 thousand people, 500 cars and an area of ​​2000 meters for light load handling.

It was projected that in the first months of operation, the ship would mobilize about 600 people per trip, but who enlisted his bags were left disappointed.

The Panama Tourism Authority says unknown why the ferry never started operations. This was the second attempt to unite by sea to Panama and Colombia. Was established 15 years ago a similar operation, but it only lasted two years and then was canceled because the company focused on other markets.

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    Copa air did not like the idea of competition so they used their political power to do what is best for them even though was in in the best interest of Panama. They do not care if everyone gets less as long as they get more. Copa airline corruption

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