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The Growing Trend of Boutique Hotels

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The number of boutique hotels is growing, mainly in the central provinces of Panama, driven by the construction of the new airport in Rio Hato.

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Boutique Hotels move within the country

No precise figures on how many boutique hotels operating in Panama, but what is known is that it is a market trend and that the participation of these new competitors in the domestic space to increase, mainly in the central provinces, with the construction of new Rio Hato airport.

Area hoteliers are already preparing for this boost tourism, and strengthened its offering with the opening next month of September of the new terminal with capacity to serve 500 people at a time and you can receiving Boeing.

It was considered a boutique hotel that dominated the luxury, there is a personalized and regularly does not exceed 20 rooms.

Usually built in remote places or in front of big chains. In Panama most concentrated in the capital city, though that has begun to change and the rest of the country joins the new wave.

Annette Cardenas, president of the Panamanian Chamber of Tourism (Camptur), considered to be an offer that is growing and must be rated to certify that the hotels that use this name truly meet the standards of a boutique hotel.

Highlights in Cocle Anton Valley area, as an alternative to sun and beach tourism, for its climate mountain, which makes it an ideal place for ecotourism and adventure tourism.

The hotels located in the province of Cocle add 2,200 rooms and last year there were 1,197 overnight stays generated $ 55.7 million of revenue for lodging, estimate a figure that will rise at the end of this year.

A hotel, which is being prepared for the new situation looming is the Los Mandarinos, located in Valle de Anton. It was built with an investment of $ 3 million and with 56 rooms were recently added another 25 deluxe rooms with jacuzzi, to strengthen its presence in the segment of wedding and honeymoon.

This hotel, which describes itself as “boutique” says with heated pools and spa also has meeting rooms with all the technology of screens, sound and Internet.

Anne S. Frazao, hotel general manager, said that “its proximity to mountain forests allows them to offer ecotourism tours” to attractive places like the El Chorro Macho, with walkways and trails ancient trees, take baths with hot springs or visit the busy craft market.

Hotel owners looking to compete throughout the year and not just be a company offering products summer or weekend.

El Valle de Anton is 90 minutes from the capital city and close to the new airport in Rio Hato.

Boutique hotels are characterized by a high level in his system of services and facilities.

But this new trend that is taking hold in Panama also extends to Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, where is located the Hotel Punta Caracol.

Piluchy Bordas operations manager of this hotel, it refers to “born from the idea of creating an acqua-lodge in natural unspoilt surroundings of great beauty, while allowing them to enjoy a restful night’s sleep thanks to the facilities give you. ” was built using the raw materials provided by nature, and visitors can immerse themselves into the sea directly from their terraces.

President of the Panamanian Association of Hotels (Apatel), Jesus Sierra Victoria, said that this is a trend positive and added that it is seeing a significant movement of tourists into the country.

And is that-as explained-many of the visitors who come to the capital are choosing to spend one or two days inside the country, and are mainly traveling to the city of David, by air facilities offered.

Sierra explained that this is a trend that will increase with the opening of the airport in Rio Hato, because at present tourists find it difficult to get flights to David or Bocas del Toro.

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