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The One Employer Who Generates More Jobs than the Panama Canal

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Panama Pacific has become a source of employment for thousands of Panamanians; with over 200 companies, it aims to employ over 12,000 individuals by 2014, which at that point will employ more individuals than the Panama Canal.

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Panama Pacific Generates More Jobs than the Panama Canal

Panama Pacific has become a source of employment for thousands of Panamanians who have the opportunity to train in different areas and have access to better wages.

About eight thousand stations were generated by about 200 companies that have been established, and by 2014 aims to reach more than 12,000 jobs, more than it produces currently the Panama Canal, according to general manager Panama Pacifico Agency (APP), Olmedo Alfaro.
Alfaro said that about 100 companies a year are recorded in APP, so you can achieve the figures stipulated.

Reported that since the PPP was set uses a platform called Panama, which has become a facility for Panamanians or foreigners with work permits to enter their resume, which may be reviewed by the companies interested in hiring.

There are two ways in which data can be entered either through www.app.gob.pa or www.panamaemplea.gob.pa page, through which you can access information about the offers that are available, well as courses and trainings that are of interest. “There is a monthly staff monitors the movement of companies seeking Panamanian labor through the data leaves the page looking for,” said Alfaro.

According to the APP, monthly study or review businesses around 1500 resumes Panamanians digitally recorded for subsequent recruitment.

In order to support the training of Panamanians, with respect to the requirements of the companies established in the Panama Pacific area and knowing the limitations on academics, APP created a training center with the National Institute of Vocational Training for Human Development (Inadeh), which trains students in English, logistics, warehouse management teams, technology and ethics. In addition, the center has simulated structures port equipment.

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