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The Way: Panama Recycles Canal Phrase into Country Brand

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The past two Panamanian administrations have spent $390 000 in an attempt to give the country a brand name, but without any tangible results. The phrase “The way” was designed by advertising agency BB & M for the Panama Canal, but now is the phrase to brand Panama because the purchase of the slogan “Where the world meets” has been ruled out due to copyright violations.

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The Way’, the new country brand chosen by ATP

A further delay is added to the list of problems that have deprived the country of having a brand that allows Panamanian products and services from the competition outside the borders.

After 5 months ago announced it would buy the slogan “Where the world meets” (Where the world comes together) for $ 120,000 to a U.S. firm, the Government decided on another sentence “The way” (El Camino).

The interagency committee, led by the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), dismissed “Where the world meets” because they only have a partial right phrase.

Solomon Shamah, administrator of the ATP, indicated that it would be advisable to buy a slogan that could not be used in full. The phrase “The way” was designed by advertising agency BB & M for the Panama Canal, but now is the phrase of the brand country of Panama.

“It is a decision, the phrase is free and we are experiencing,” said the official.

He said that this brand is no cost to the state, because the studies were used consultant David Lightle did two years ago, and was hired to design a national brand.

The last two administrations have spent approximately $ 390 thousand in the attempt to give Panama a brand, but without any tangible results so far.

For the president of the Exporters Association of Panama, Juan Planells, the country brand is a promotional tool that would allow domestic products enter new markets.

He noted that the lack of a trademark has allowed other countries to take advantage of products like the mole.

According to the 2011 ranking of the firm FutureBrand, which measured the strength of 113 country brands, Panama is at number 10 in America and 64 in the global table.

According to FutureBrand, Panama stands out as a country for business and shopping.

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