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Tocumen Airport Continues to Grow, Latest Expansion Valued at $400 Million

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Panama’s Hub of the Americas, Tocumen airport, continues to expand at a rapid pace, with $400 million of expansion projects in the pipeline. Up first, construction of a main building, a third runway, a taxiway, a control tower, and access areas to the North Terminal. To date, 42 companies have met with airport administration officials for details of the works spanning 65,000 square meters.

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Resume Building Approval Stage Performs South

The meeting approval of the public tender with separate evaluation of the new passenger terminal (Terminal Sur) Tocumen International Airport took place yesterday, a project valued at about $ 400 million.

It took place at 9:00 am in Room Tocumen Airport Hotel Riande, attended by 42 companies seeking the same opportunities to compete for the construction of the new phase of the aerodrome.

The second air terminal will have 65 thousand square meters, which proposes the construction of the main building, a taxiway, a third runway, access to the Northern Corridor and a control tower.

Juan Carlos Pino, general manager of Tocumen, SA, said that with the construction of the South Pier Resume will give the ability to move 16 million passengers annually, compared to 8 million currently moving.

Pino said the expansion is necessary for the rapid growth habit of the airport.

The airport of Tocumen recently reached approximately 300 flights a day, with a movement of passengers increased from 400 thousand to 500 thousand people per day.

The extension of the South Pier is linked to a phase that will be called “Airport City”, where they built hotels, business centers, shopping centers and other facilities, which will complement the air service.

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