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Too Many Beds in Panama and Fewer American Tourists

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In Panama the continued increase in the number of hotel rooms exceeds the rate of increase of travelers to the nation as well as a drop in visitors from the United States.

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One million visitors in the First Half

As a tourist destination, Panama continues to capture the attention of thousands of visitors looking to discover new places.

In the first six months of the year one million 118 thousand tourists visited Panama, about 42 000 577 additional tourists to compare the figure with the previous year’s numbers.

The figure represents an increase of 4% compared to the movement in the first quarter last year.

Despite this increase, occupancy levels at hotels in the capital continue to fall open.

Reports of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) realize that by June the accumulated a 59.2% overall occupancy, leaving a 1.9% decrease compared to the first six months of 2012.

The hotels with less than 100 rooms, representing 60% of the supply in the province of Panama, reported an occupancy of 56.5%, the lowest level in the last five years.

Establishments with more than 100 rooms are no exception to this reality, where the increase in the number sector has led to a price war to maintain an occupation that allows the profitability of the operation. In these hotels, the occupancy at the end of the first half reached 61.8%, when two years ago was 70% in low season.

In late 2012, the Splendor hotel opened in 2010, closed due to low occupancy.

According to the consulting Indesa, employment in the province of Panama will fall to 55% in 2013 and fall to 52% in 2014.

Even in the capital city are under construction about 15 hotels, a situation that will increase pressure on the sector in the coming months.

Between 2010 and 2012 built 6000 200 new rooms across the country, of which 72%, a 4000 500, was in the capital city.

In terms of tourist spending, a figure that does not include the cost of airfare, the Comptroller General reports that foreign visitors left between January and June in the order of one thousand 216 million dollars, 116 million more.

It is estimated that on average, a tourist detained for eight days in the country, and spends $ 136 per day during their stay.

By Tocumen International Airport joined the 68% of tourists arriving in the country in the first half, while 7.7% did so for Paso Canoa, on the border between Panama and Costa Rica.


Fell American tourist arrivals in the first half.

Increased input cruise passengers between January and June.

Millions of visitors joined in 2012.

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