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Top Panamanian Officials Shrug Off Accusations of Accepting Bribes for Construction Contracts

Article Summary:

Top Panamanian officials are shrugging off serious bribery accusations by the Italian government who are trying to link Panamanian authorities to bribery plots for construction contracts to build prisons in the country.

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Original Article Text From Prensa via Google Translate :

Panama’s Government Accuses of trying to Link it to Italy for Bribery Plot

PANAMA (ACAN-EFE). – Panama’s government accused this Tuesday, April 17 to “Italian authorities’ attempt to” link “to Panamanian officials in a plot of” bribes nonexistent “in an investigation of the Attorney Naples for a case of “blackmail” the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

That case’s main newspaper concerned the former director of Avanti Lavítola Valter, who stopped in Italy and Italian media quoted judicial sources that attribute alleged to have paid bribes to Panamanian officials, including President Ricardo Martinelli, looking for business in Panama.

“We reject informal channels that the Italian authorities, seeking to divert attention from the original motives of the investigations being conducted in that country, try to link to our authorities in bribes nonexistent construction contracts exist (in Panama) in prisons that were never built, “said an official statement.

When you Panamanian Executive “is striking that the reason supposedly being research (…) the relationship between Mr. Valter Lavítola and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian authorities show more attention on the relationship of Mr. Lavítola with the Panamanian authorities. ”

The official document of eleven points, was read by the Secretary of State Communications, Luis Eduardo Camacho, who insisted on wheel press the “discontent” of the Panamanian Executive “silence” of the “judicial authorities and the Italian Government itself” against what he considered versions “without any basis.” “In any case, (the Italian authorities) should deny those things “that” was paid a bribe for prisons that have never been built, “said press secretary.

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