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Tourism Still Going Upward for Panama

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Panama enjoys the distinction of being the most popular tourist destination in the region, and its tourism numbers, along with the dollars it brings, keep surging upwards. The first months of 2012 brought 405,928 tourists who spent over $300 million while in the country.

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Tourist Arrivals in the Country Rises in Early Months

In recent years Panama has become a tourism brand international benchmark, this is due to the large number of visitors to the Isthmus to enjoy the holiday plans that position the country into one of the most famous markets in the region.
According to figures from Statistics Department of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) during the months of January to February 2011 entered the country a total of 405 thousand 928 tourists, leaving a tourist spending of $ 325.8 million, compared to same period in 2012, when they entered a total of 73 429 000 visitors, with an investment of 393.9 million dollars.

This leads to an increase of 5.7% or 23 000 145 more visitors than last year, with tourist spending which increased 20% more than in 2011, resulting in 65.8 million dollars more than the previous year.

Tocumen International Airport remains the main entrance of travelers with a total of 265 000 999 tourists and an increase of 18.9%, representing 153 000 274 ​​more visitors than seaports, where only entered 112 000 725.

From the main terminal in the country which obtained higher tourist arrivals were the Tocumen International Airport, seaports and Paso Canoas.

For Sara Pardo, president of the Panamanian Association of Hotels (APATEL), the first months of the year have been beneficial in comparison to last year, thanks to the increase of travelers. He added that actively works to obtain congresses, conversions and groups.

According to Pardo, the efforts made in conjunction with the ATP are the ones leading to success and achieve your goals.

The hotels for the first two months of the year was 63% of overall employment, an increase of 3.8% over the previous year, this is due largely to the celebration of Carnival celebrations.
In the Republic of Panama there are 604 lodgings registered, with 290 rooms and 21 000 812 31 000 beds, resulting in 12 000 451 jobs.

Jaime Campuzano, President of the National Council of Tourism of Panama, said that in 2012 will face an oversupply that although the first four months of this year has not noticed much by the increase in visitors, with the opening of the hotels tourism market will be added to lower the capital’s hotel occupancy in the second half.
Tourist segment, which focuses on the beaches is estimated as one of the most projection for 2012. Panama has become a tourism brand admired by many countries.

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