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Tourist Perspective: Road Closure Traps Travelers in Panama

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Travelers are trapped on the Inter-American highway in Panama as they wait out a week-old road block by Indigenous tribes. Tour buses traveling the route Panama-David have found themselves and their passengers stranded and without funds to purchase water, food and are unable to find adequate lodging.

Photo Credit: La Prensa

Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Travellers are trapped in Santiago by the End of the Inter-American

Santiago, Veraguas. -About 500 people, both children and adults, who traveled from the capital to the province of Chiriqui is kept overnight in the stadium Omar Torrijos of the city of Santiago, while growing despair this morning some money by not having to buy water and food.

On Wednesday night several public institutions, headed by the Governor of Veraguas, implemented a contingency plan to accommodate travelers in the bedrooms and provide ballpark food.

However, this morning the group of people in 10 buses traveling the route Panama-David, raised concerns because they had no water and some had not eaten.

Joy Cronin, an American tourist who travels from New York to Chiriqui, said that “the most worrying is that there are children and single parents traveling with just enough money for passage and are not prepared to stay three days in the city of Santiago and the costs that entails. ”

Cronin reported that last night were well attended, as they carried water, milk and food, however, the uncertainty now is how long more will have to wait while many do not have money.

A driver on the route Panama-David also reported that in the area of ​​the district of La Mesa are other buses also have three days waiting for the reopening of the road.

While in a vacant lot, located on the banks of the American in the city of Santiago, remain stationed 80 articulated vehicles used to transport cargo, the drivers are kept overnight in the place until you resolve the conflict generated by the Indians Ngäbe -Bugle who oppose mining.

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