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We’re Not Coming: Tourists Cancel Reservations in Protest Areas of Panama

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Hotels located in Volcan and Boquete, Chiriqui Provence of Panama, are suffering from cancellations and economic losses following a week or more of protesting by Indigenous tribes in the region. Meanwhile, the pristine vacation image of Panama is being tarnished by outside media, says the president of Small Hotels of Panama, further damaging the fragile existence of small hotels, he says.

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Hotels in Boquete and Volcan Reflect Losses

Economic losses are recorded two of the Chiriqui region with significant potential for tourism such as Boquete and Volcan.

Rodriguez Armando Tatis, president of the Association of Small Hotels of Panama (Hoppan) noted that the situation is one we are living because the domestic and foreign tourists are staying longer, taking transportation or eating in restaurants located in these areas because of the fear of being in the midst of conflict.

He described the worrying fact, because there is no positive news coming out of Panama.

He said that the media in Costa Rica and global channels like CNN projection are reflecting images of the riots.

“We hope to reach a dialogue,” Rodriguez said Tatis, who declared “that these stories have an impact and jettisoned its work to promote touristically to Panama.”

Meanwhile, Carlos Alfaro, owner of the Hotel los Quetzales and Ecolodge, located in Hilo, said this is the high season hosting, however, unlike other years, tourists have not arrived.

Because of this problem have been canceled reservations. In addition, the “tour operators” are calling for the return of the money, and the only thing that remains is the empty hotel. ”

Another factor that directly affect the lack of fuel.

The employer stated that coincides with the position of groups and Bugle ngäbes, saying the dams and rivers are damaging the environment, which would harm the eco-tourism.

Therefore asked the authorities to reach a consensus soon.

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