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  • Belize

    Photo Credit: ETC

    Belize to Start National Bank

    The Belize government is to launch a national bank that Prime Minister Dean Barrow said should place pressure on commercial banks to reduce lending rates to consumers in the future. Photo Credit: ETC Original [...]
  • Belize

    Photo Credit: ENS

    Belize Takes Stand to Protect Barrier Reef from Oil Drilling

    Belize’s Supreme Court has declared offshore oil drilling contracts issued by the Government of Belize in 2004 and 2007 null and void, halting the government’s immediate effort to allow offshore oil [...]
  • Belize

    Photo Credit: Channel News Asia

    Belize Teeters Toward Default

    Tiny, tourism-dependent Belize missed its deadline to make an overdue $23 million bond payment, which could plunge the Central American nation into default. But Prime Minister Dean Barrow sought to downplay [...]
  • Belize

    Photo Credit: Caribbean 360

    Belize on the Brink of Default

    Belize, the Central American nation that’s home to the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, missed a $23 million coupon payment on August 20 worth $544 million of bonds due in 2029. Photo [...]
  • Honduras

    Photo Credit: Tico Times

    Honduras: A Nation Hanging by a Thread

    Elections in Honduras are over, but in a country notorious for its corruption alongside stark economic inequality and extremely fragile democratic institutions, can it survive? Photo Credit: Tico Times Original [...]
  • Honduras

    Photo Credit: Guanaja Journal

    U.S. Funding Honduran Navy Bases

    Honduras, a small, poverty-stricken nation rife with corruption and violence, stretches the width of the isthmus. Now, with U.S. funds the nation has built one Navy base and plans to build two more in [...]
  • Honduras

    Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

    Honduras Needs a Bailout Plan

    Just as several European countries have done, Honduras must prepare itself to ask for a bailout. What little the country does collect goes to current expenditures such as salaries, wages, and allowances, [...]
  • Honduras

    Photo Credit: La Prensa Honduras

    Is Honduras on the Brink of Needing a Bailout?

    There is an abundance of signs of deterioration in the Honduran government, where both fiscal and political crises are feeding off each other, which is causing some experts to predict the nation is on [...]
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