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Bureaucratic Barriers Limiting Costa Rica’s Competitive Edge

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Poorly maintained infrastructure is taking away Costa Rica’s competitive edge. Top businesses met with government officials to complain about the lack of communication and lengthy process in repairing and maintain much of the country’s infrastructure and public works.

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Bureaucratic Barriers Limiting National Competitiveness
Written by Cristian Leandro Cordova cleandro@prensalibre.co.cr

According to AmCham Forum

Within the forum highlighted the contributions of Jose Alfredo Sanchez, vice president of construction Meco, Paul Gallie, Director of APM Terminals Moin, Puerto Limon, Carlos Plaass, executive director at Aeris Holding Costa Rica and Francisco Jiménez, Minister of Public Works. Alan coordinated Saborío, Managing Partner of Deloitte.

In connection with the second competition organized by Forum Deloitte and AmCham discussed the reality of infrastructure and public works development in Costa Rica.

The intent of the meeting was to analyze how to achieve the changes necessary to define the priorities for the execution of public works projects that improve the competitiveness of the country to the rest of the world.

In the analysis were set as priorities to improve the participation of state and private enterprise using transparent allocation mechanisms.

Also highlighted as a major sin present in Costa Rica, about the ability of improving infrastructure, bureaucracy, so the speakers agreed that constitutes a barrier to development of priority projects for the country .

“We have the infrastructure required to be competitive and continue this for long periods of time on the execution of the same, this means a loss of 23% growth,” said Carlos Plass, Director Aeris Holding

It was further emphasized that in competitiveness ranking the quality of Costa Rican roads put the country ranked 111, while the overall quality of national infrastructure is ranked 78 in the world.

“We are losing competitiveness due to the state’s inability to give a quick response. We have given the bodies that now control much power is abused, there arises the suspicion. This is not a technical problem but in the state’s ability to solve problems, “said Jose Sanchez Vice President of Construction Meco.

As for the findings highlighted a request by Gallie for the various actors within the concession programs promote agreements that allow the development of programs in the areas of infrastructure improvement.

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