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CCIE Says, Central American Border Crossings are Causing Economic Loss.

Article Summary:

Constant delays, adding to transportation costs, lack of progress in the streamlining of customs procedures and a perceived stagnation of the customs and economic integration project, are the most pressing problems observed by business associations in Central America.

Original Article Text From Diario de Centro America via Google Translate :

Increased Concern Over Slow Customs

A stalemate in the customs and economic integration of Central perceive different federations in the region, grouped in the Consultative Committee for Economic Integration (CCIE), which called on governments to show a more robust stance on the issue.

The CCIE amount of concern to Members of Parliament (Parlacen) who last week met with officials of the Central American Economic Integration Secretariat (Sieca), in order to know the progress on integration.

“Delays in the transfer of goods involving economic loss, because exporters violate business commitments,” said Paula Rodriguez, vice president of the Central American Parliament.

According to the Central Amer-American Federation of Transport (Fecatrans), each container moved a minimum of $ 25 thousand dollars, depending on the type of product.

Aguerri Adam Joseph, president of the Consultative Committee of the economic integration, said “logistics processes and agility have disappeared from the customs, which have a negative impact on the finances of the exchange trade sectors.”

In this regard, Juan Antonio Bustos, head of the Federation of Chambers of Industry (FECAICA), said that “urgent modernization of customs procedures to simplify.” Another of the “serious problems is corruption and smuggling gangs operating in the region well structured,” he added.

The representatives of the Advisory Committee reiterated its concern about the logistics and paperwork slow. “Trade is prosperity and jobs, but we’re back,” said Fanny D. Estrada, representing the export sector in Central America.

“Integration is also important and urgent, facing the Trade Partnership Agreement between the Isthmus and Europe. We must be prepared and be more competitive, “said the president of the FECAICA.

The Vice Ministry of Integration and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy (Mineco) of Guatemala supports the customs union and shares the idea that working together between different public and private sectors in the region.

Unfortunately, “they retreated in recent years but is taking up the theme, which will rise to the Council of Ministers of Economy of Central America (Comieco)” when it meets, said Maria Luisa Flores, Vice Minister of Integration and Foreign Trade.

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From Diario de Centro America

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