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Central America Expects 9 Million Visitors in 2012

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The Central American Tourism Council expects upwards of nine million tourists to the isthmus this year and says in excess of ten million visitors will come in 2013.

Photo Credit: Radio Honduras

Original Article Text From Radio Honduras via Google Translate :

In Central America is Expected to Receive Nine Million Tourists

Despite the image of insecurity generated by the act of gangs in some Central American countries and the effects of the economic crisis, tourist arrivals to the region continues to grow. The Central American Tourism Council (CCT) in 2012 expected to reach the nine million tourists isthmus and in 2013 was in excess of ten million visitors.

For Mario Salinas, owner of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur), although the general perception that there is “no basis in reality” because the region’s countries are still quite safe, “the extent to dispel these fears and achieved this concern, the better. ”

To dispel that image, CST, whose rotating presidency belongs to Nicaragua during the second half of 2012, plans to define and implement a regional security strategy.

“In addition, it is important that we achieve as a region presenting a global picture. A Central with a canal, with the ninth lake in the world, with an island formed by two volcanoes, Mayan ruins and all the wonders that owns the region, “said Salinas.

3,658.42 million left in the first half of 2011 visitors who came to America, according to statistics from the Central American Tourism Council (CCT).

For his part, Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, Jose Napoleon Duarte, believe that their country has begun to change the perception of insecurity. “We have been improving levels of crime and indicators that have existed … and believe that crime levels have been reported are very low compared to previous months. This will give an insight and a new opportunity, “he said at the conclusion ceremony of president pro tempore of the CST in Nicaragua.

For Duarte, events Maya World, The Torch of Peace and The End of Mayan Calendar, to be held in different countries of the isthmus in the remainder of the year, are the beginning of a strategy to present the image of Central America as a destination important.

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